Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I haven't been blogging here because ...
1.  I haven't started training
2.  I don't have wonderful pictures to show you
3.  I don't have exciting stories to share about my walk ...
Our team "Pink Slips" is growing all the time.  We have nine members now and Beth made me a co-captain.  I feel that I have to earn that honor!
So ...
I'm going to work.
A letter will be sent to my family and friends and I hope I can get this fundraising show on the road.
In other news:

Phyllis was substituting for me while I was in Florida.  She told my Resource Room partner, Fran, that she thought I shouldn't walk so many miles.  I will do damage to my feet ... (or did she mean I'm too old.)  Well ... if I can walk a mile ... I can walk 60 miles and I WILL!


  1. I haven't seriously started yet, either... real life keeps getting in the way.

    And you're not too old. I mean, it's not like there was dust billowing off you as you walked along last year. Maybe a cobweb or two, but no dust...yer good to go ;)

  2. HA!
    Take THAT Phyllis!

  3. You're not old. You just have too much fur.

  4. wow, it is going to be a good day, i woke up to that top photo and smiled.