Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Take me to OUR leader ...

The 3-day highlights coaches and training walk leaders throughout the year.  I was so excited to hear that OUR leader ... our BURT ... was highlighted this month!

Meet a Training Walk Leader
Burt from New York, NY
I walk to honor the memory of a woman I love – my cousin Judy. I walk to do everything I can, by raising awareness, and money for research, so that, someday, no other family loses a woman they love to breast cancer. I cannot find a cure for breast cancer. But I can do this. I became a training walk leader initially so that I would have company on training walks, since there is no 3-Day in New York City. But I find now that I do it more to help “3-Day Virgins” prepare both physically and emotionally for the most meaningful weekend of their lives.
Fundraising tip: Keep going back to the well. I find that some people give every year. They’ve come to expect me to start sending emails in the spring, and they wait for me.
Training tip: Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. The best way to train for a long walk is to take lots of long walks.

I am so proud to be one of Burt's Babes!
Did you catch "3-day virgins?"
I'm going to meet some of those virgins on our first training walk March 20th!
Burt ... if you're reading this ...


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  1. Burt knows you're out there taking others' virginity, right? ;)