Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tugging along

I was going to join my training group (Burt's Babes) this morning ... but the walk in the city was canceled due to rain!  It's the 3rd training walk I've missed!  
I have been walking around Port, though.  The tugboat pictured is at Louie's.  It was a cold, gray day when I passed by.  Will we ever have spring???
Joan and I took a nice walk through Sands Point.  It was good to walk part of my old route.
I think my walks were much longer at this point last year.


  1. How are those new kicks treating you?

  2. i swear i don't know how you do it honey!

    smiles, bee

  3. You might have been taking longer walks this time last year, but your walk this year is a few weeks later, so you're probably on track. Me...I need to get my asterisk into gear already...

  4. your feet would be wet any way since whitey visited you this morning.