Monday, January 23, 2012

OK ... Last Week Didn't Count!

12 sticks of butter my friends!
That's a total of 18 pounds (my lucky number) and
Miss Bee ... thank you for being my inspiration.
I'll put up a picture when you do!
I feel a little funny when I hear that someone lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks or over 30 lbs since September ... but I'm chugging along and I'm pleased with my slow progress.
I took the broiler pan and Pyrex baking dish out of the oven to roast vegetables and put them on the stovetop.  Somehow I turned on the burner and didn't realize it until ...
The Pyrex dish got so hot it exploded!  There were huge chunks of glass all over the work area of the kitchen!  If I had been there ... or Deb ... or one of the cats ... we would have been seriously ... and I mean SERIOUSLY hurt!
It's not the first time I have turned on the burner by mistake.
I don't like when that happens.
Well ... I think Deb and I swept up most of the glass ... but I know we'll be finding little pieces on the floor.
Our training team reunion is in two weeks.  I'm anxious to see my training buddies ... and hope that we pick up a few more teammates!
The end ... for now.


  1. Several layers of wet paper towels pushed around by a sponge mop will pick up most of the little hidden shards of glass. Man, when Pyrex explodes, it EXPLODES...

    :::SNOOPY DANCE::: for the three pounds! I think I'm gonna get my hair cut this week, that'll be good for one, I think ;)