Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time to 'Fess Up and Get Back To Work

Ok ... ok ...
so I gained .6 lb this week.
I blamed it on my trip to Florida.
I can't really do that, though, because Mom eats a big 2 meals a day for goodness sake.
So now I'm blaming it on the birthday party for Ronnie's cousin where I tried a number of different desserts ... and Sashi's birthday dinner where I ate some fried calamari and bread and a donut for dessert.
I think I'll be back down by next Monday.
You keep me honest!
Speaking of food, Burt's Babes will be publishing a cookbook (if we ever get it together.)  We're in the "collecting recipes" stage ... so, if you would like to contribute and see your name in print, send your favorite recipe or two or three ... OR MORE ... to  
Did I tell you that I was featured in the Commack Teacher's Association newsletter along with a few other teachers who do charitable work?  Well ... the CTA is giving us $200.  An email went out today asking what we would like to do with our share.  Responses were to get something for the school ... host a breakfast or lunch ... go out as a group ... but I wrote that I would like to donate my small share to Susan G. Komen.  I thought that made the best sense.  
Let's see what everyone else says.


  1. .6? You can pee that much out! I can make you feel better, though...I finally got on a scale, and since I had to stop taking HGH, I've gained THIRTY freaking pounds. So depressing...

    +1 on being featured for your charity work! I hope you're able to send that money where you want!

    1. Miss you Thumper. Can't you meet us in Dallas next year????
      Sorry about the THIRTY freaking pounds.
      The end.

  2. no problem on the gain honey as long as you are back on track. i don't know why but i have been able to stay on track (except for the cruise) since the first of october, straight through the big holidays. i go weigh in 20 minutes!!!

    smiles, bee

  3. Replies
    1. don't want to see the + ... want to see the -
      know what I mean?!