Saturday, May 9, 2009

babies ... fundraising ... and a long walk

The babies are out and about.
I was seriously given the "what for" by the goose across the street.
I gave it right back to him!
I feel like I've always been afraid to fundraise. It took me some time to put together a display to set up near the sign-in book at school.
Well ... the laminated letter and lucite display holder with copies of donation forms ... and a few brochures that I printed finally made their way to the front counter. Two checks were handed to me ... and I don't know how many forms were taken. I do hope the people I have worked with for so many years will make donations on my behalf.
The important thing is that it's not about me ... it's about trying to win the battle against breast cancer.
The teacher in the room next to mine suggested I set up canisters for loose change. Good idea.
The more training I do ... the better I feel about asking for support.
Speaking of training ... I started walking at 7:30 this morning ... and finally got home after 6:00 this evening. OK ... so I made a few stops along the way ... an hour-and-a-half at the nail salon ... and a visit to the local movie theatre to see "State of Play!"
My neighbors saw me just before 6:00.
They had seen me at 7:30 and again at noon.
Yup! Forrest Gump Harris ... that's me!

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