Saturday, May 16, 2009

NSAL ... and congratulations to my college graduate.

I pass the North Shore Animal League on my walk.
This fantastic shelter is where we adopted Mickey.

Love this dog walker!

Looks a little bit like Matsui and Joba on top of the sign!

This is the NSAL van ...
It gives new hope to puppies and kitties.

Had a good walk today.
Want to say Congratulations to Debra on her college graduation.
Deb ... I hope you will be walking by my side in October.

to read more about the recent rescue of puppies and how the NSAL is involved click here!

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  1. Hi, Roberta... just checking in again to see how the walks and fundraising are coming along. So this is the great North Shore Animal League ... they do such wonderful work. Thanks for the pictures!