Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Blast from the Past!

This is from Beth's and my 1st 60 mile walk when it was the Avon 3-day...
We walked from Bear Mountain to NYC.
It was an amazing experience!
(You never forget the 1st time ...'eh?)
My vacation is over.
It's back to school tomorrow.
I didn't train this week, although I could have.
The temperature is rising a bit and I could have taken a quick walk around town.
I'll start soon.  Promise!
I did, however, have my mammography and breast sonogram.
There are some questions regarding the mammography and it's reliability ... especially for breast cancer survivors ... but I'll continue to "submit to the squeeze" for early detection:

Here's what the National Cancer Institute has to say:

Getting a high-quality screening mammogram and having a clinical breast exam (an exam done by a health care provider) on a regular basis are the most effective ways to detect breast cancer early. 

So ... if you're over 40 and you're due ...
just do it!


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