Sunday, February 20, 2011


I received this email from a walker friend:

Elaine's husband, Steve,  called to let me know that Elaine passed away on Saturday night.  He asked that I let all her 3Day friends know.

I met Elaine on a training walk in the spring.
I took to her immediately.
She had so much energy ... and she was FUN!
She told me that she had had the flu ... and wasn't feeling 100%.
The next time I heard from Elaine ... it was in a message from "Caring Bridge."
It was not the flu.
Elaine had Leukemia.
Her posts on the "Caring Bridge" blog were almost always funny and upbeat.
We, her readers, were encouraged by her positive attitude.
Elaine met us (Burt's Babes) during the summer ... anxious to cross the Brooklyn Bridge with us.  
She couldn't do it.  She was too weak.
She told me that she knew that she wouldn't survive the cancer.
I didn't want to ... but I believed her.
She had the same Leukemia that took my friend Lisa last year.
And so ... she's gone.
But that wonderful, strong, smart, funny woman will always be in my heart.

Elaine Shapiro


  1. You have to know how touching this post is for me. You are a wonderful friend, thanks for being my friend.

  2. wonderful post for a dear friend honey...

    hugs, bee