Monday, February 14, 2011

My favorite picture from my San Francisco 3 day adventure ...

Did I show you this one, readers (Bee and Sarge)?
This is my favorite picture from the last 3-day!
I was getting ready to take a picture of my teammates when I saw the looks on their faces.  They were looking at a GIANT San Francisco hill we were about to climb.
Look at their expressions!
Boy howdy ... it was some climb up that one.

I think Thumper was half way up the hill when I took this.  I had run up ahead of her ... then I ran back down the hill ... then I ran back up to the top.
Yeah ... that's how it happened.
That's EXACTLY how it happened.
It reached into the 50s today.  Perfect walking weather ... if I wasn't in school  Next week is vacation ... maybe I'll get a little training in.


  1. If running consists of hobbling...sure :)

  2. i know that's exactly what happened too!

    smiles, bee