Saturday, February 4, 2012

Almost At The End Of A Long Week

Bee hated these ... and Sarge knocked them over in the middle of his service ... but I loved these flowers.
It was indeed a long week.
Yeah ... SGK disappointed us ... but that's the small stuff.
Saying goodbye to Sarge was difficult.
Now the number of my "loyal readers" is down to one.
I am so happy that I was able to be with Miss Bee, Chuck, Cat, and Sarge's family and friends yesterday.
He was a gentleman.
He loved his family.
He loved his country.
He was my friend.
Charlie loved two things about my blog.
One thing was this picture:
The other thing was writing this word in the comments:


So this is for you my friend.
I'm pretty sure you're reading this!
Love you.


  1. Yeah, kinda hard to accept not seeing Sarge say BOOBIES in your comments...I know it was hard, but I am glad you were able to go and give him a sendoff. Now take a deep breath, knock back a drink or four, and relax a bit.

    And maybe think about making those stone boobies into a header image for your blog. For Sarge :)

    1. I just tried to do that ... but it failed. Ideas?

    2. Hmmm..depends on how you did it and what size image you were working with. But from the Design section, go to Page Elements, then click on EDIT in the header section, and when you upload the image, make sure you select either to replace the title with the image, or have it behind the title.

      I'd put the blog name ON the image first, then have it replace the title...should work cleaner that way.

      But then I'm also just guessing, not being able to see your template...

  2. I see why she didn't love the flowers but I think they did a nice job. I was terribly saddened when I heard he passed. I really hoped he had more time to say goodbye. I hope he did not suffer to much. I am glad you made it down. Hugs

  3. I shall say BOOBIES as much as possible in his honor :)

  4. We can also carry on Sarge's proud tradition of "pointedly" saying BOOBIES in your comments as often as possible. Yes, Komen has disappointed us, but you never do, Roberta, and we love you for that. Besides, our local Planned Parenthood has received so many donations this week thanks to SGK.

  5. boobies boobies boobies boobies...

    ly, bee

  6. And more boobies ... RIP Sarge.

    Love you, Ms. Berta.


  7. Here are some new BOOBIES!!
    It was wonderful to meet you and your Mother.
    Thanks for the Kleenex!
    You now have a new daily reader of your blog.

  8. so sorry for your loss. (((hugs))))
    Nancy H