Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is Mercury in Retrograde?

I was feeling pretty good driving to Lord and Taylor this afternoon.  I had just come from the car wash and my wheels were looking great.  I was stopped at a light when ... BANG ... some guy in a Saab hit me from behind.  He rushed out of his car to see if I was ok (I was ... just shaken and pissed because I knew that something was going to happen ... snow ... rain ... accident ... because the car was clean!)  Anyway, we pulled into a parking lot and I have to say, there wasn't much damage at all.  I called the police anyway ... just to have a report.  Some time passed and I got to know the guy in the other car ... a sweet guy named Robert who was on his way to get his 11 year old daughter's birthday cake at Baskin Robbins.  He belongs to our synagogue ... he has 3 kids (7 year old twins and the 11 year old) ... he's 40 years old ... and I teach with his sister-in-law!  I learned a lot about Rob in the time we were together.  The most important part of this story is that the police officer who came to take our information and make a report was Officer Extremely Handsome.  YIKES!  In the end everything was ok.  There is minor damage to my car ... and it is still clean ... and nobody got hurt. (and I got to spend some time with the best looking cop in Port Washington.)
OK ... so that was one thing.  
When I finally came home I noticed the refrigerator door was open.  Upon investigation ... I realized the piece that covers the light was off ... and it was hot.  I moved things around and closed the door and a bit later the light was back on and it started to get cool. 
So ... I want to know if Mercury is in retrograde?
I sent a message to a FB friend who understands these things.
If Mercury is in retrograde ... I don't want to leave the house.
Just sayin'.


  1. Holy smokes! Glad you're ok! And got to spend quality time with Office Hawt. ;) I don't think it's Mercury, though I've been wondering the same thing this week (especially after my vishus deer attack). I just googled it - it's Mars in retrograde right now through April 4. Though the stoopid Mercury one starts on March 12. DO NOT LIKE! I think I'm just going to hide at home until April. By then it will be baseball time!

    Titus' Mom

  2. Krap! The Mars thing goes direct (or whatever) on April 14! Me thinks me needs to put my glasses on when I google. Stoopid tiny letters.

    1. This is the response I got from my FB friend:

      nope, merc is direct right now, but i can ID with you. big time. are you a gemini? mars is retrograde in the sign of virgo, squaring gemini and opposite pisces. so geminis and pisces have been a bit more stressed than the rest of the gang lately. i've been losing things like never before.

      Police Officer AMAZING was worth it!

  3. Our Mom is a Gemini and she agrees with your FB friend! Stressed!

    Glad you met a hot policeman but sorry about the accident. Ice your neck!

  4. This is why I don't wash my car. As soon as I do, some guy in an expensive car is going to plow into it. Also, this is why I don't clean my house, because as soon as I do, an asteroid is going to fall from the sky and plow into it. and then I'll be all "Well, hell, I JUST mopped the floor!"

    But you got to talk to a hot cop, so I suppose the tradeoff is worth it ;)

    1. Officer AMAZINGLY HANDSOME was more interested in Rob because they realized that he had responded to an accident in which HE had been rear ended! Ha! It was a funny day.
      Good reason NOT to clean the house. I'll have to remember that!

  5. squirrelly girl...

    smiles, bee

    pee ess: glad you are not hurt honey!