Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anything for a cap!!!!

Beth and I met Tara from Texas on the trip up to Bear Mountain in 2000.
I thought ... "She came all the way from Texas to walk in the 3-day?"
Ha! I'm going all the way to San Francisco!
We took to Tara right away! She was a lot of fun! She was a survivor!
Tara and I decided to become "safety patrol" because we liked the cap!
I'm sure we did a great job keeping the troops safe!

Now ... I have had over 1000 visits to this blog ... but only a few commenters.
I know that I have probably visited 800 times myself ... but I also know there are others out there!
You wouldn't want me to ask Auntie Bee to get involved, would you???
Please leave a comment!
ps--feel better Kiera


  1. Roberta have you been to San Francisco before? I crewed there last year with my friends and so wished I had walked. This year I hope to walk it along with San Diego, but if not I will be crewing. Hope to see you there.


  2. Hi Auntie Berta. I am your biggest fan - that is why I am leaving a comment, even though I am sick. I got the ICK - again. I guess I might as well get sick a lot now, so I will be really healthy when you come to visit. I gotta go get some rest now - bye.

  3. leave her a comment or get a pox!!! i mean it! bwahahahahahah

    smiles, bee

  4. You and Tara look like a formidable Safety Patrol... Also, I'm commenting 'cause I sure wouldn't want to get pox'd by Auntie Bee!

    Keep on keepin' on, girl ...


  5. Hi Miss Roberta,

    we are saving moneys we have found lots of them in a pig on the bookshelf!

    Buddy & Finny & Jazzy