Sunday, March 15, 2009

This one's for you Tracy!

My friend Tracy is wondering:

"how you can do 20 miles three days in a row."

You push yourself, Tracy. But let me show you some ways walkers walk the walk...

We do it with lots and lots of other walkers ...

we do it with lots and lots of laughs ... (and some whining!)

We do it together ... sometimes pushing one another up a steep hill ... sometimes just by showing each other love and support ...

and ... of course ... there's always a sweep van waiting if we just can't take another step!

Somehow we do it ... 60 miles in 3 days ... an amazing journey.

(photos 1 and 4: Boston 3-day ... photos 2 and 3: New York 2-day)


  1. I'm beginning to understand that this is more than just a walk ... it's a quest. It's ritual and ceremony in the highest sense. Wow, Berta ... I get happy tears thinking about this!



  2. You're amazing. Good luck on your next walk!