Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A few of the things that made us laugh along the way

When you're walking many, many miles ... it's nice to have a good laugh.
Here are some of the things that made us laugh.
This is a guy who was working a pit stop on day 1. Look at him. I thought he was Elvis ... but now I'm not sure.

This "cancer sucks" van was at one of the cheering stations.
I loved the way it was totally decorated with bras.
If you want to feel svelte ... I highly recommend hanging with these lovely ladies!
They weren't afraid to strut their stuff along the route.

Finally ... for this post at least, the sweep vans were beautifully decorated!
I especially liked this one ... "Hookers for Hooters."
The ladies on board were loud and hilarious. I always looked forward to this van passing by.

*Sweep vans picked up any walkers who couldn't finish any part of the walk. I'm pleased to tell you that I never set foot in a sweep van!! I attribute that to "good training!"

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  1. Roberta, Thanks for the Elvis picture - I was trying to go for the "lip thing", but it looks like it didn't come across that well. Getting one's Elvis on is not as easy as it looks! :-) I'm glad we could help you make it through your day. I was our pleasure, given with love and admiration! Keep on keeping on!
    Mark (Elvis) Henderson - Pit4