Saturday, October 24, 2009

Route ... Day 1

Day 1:
We started at the COW Palace ... (no cows) ... just before sunrise. The opening ceremonies were, of course, very moving. We were ready to begin. We took our first steps to the cheers of a few loyal supporters, then we were on our way.

We walked from the COW Palace through Daly City.

After walking through some beautiful neighborhoods (Seacliff) and past the Zoo ... eventually we made it to the Great Highway ... along the coast and through Ocean Beach.
It was beautiful.
It was here that I met MY loyal supporters!

Here we are, Jersey Girls for Shore ... Beth, Faye, Beth, and me ... on the Great Highway.

I spent some time with my Cheering Station, then walked on my own for a while. This is just before Lands End Trail.
Wait ... I just lost a photo ... maybe this IS Lands End Trail.


I caught up with Faye and Beth along the trail. I think this was taken just after the 100+ steps that we climbed (without a complaint ... not even a whimper!)
The Golden Gate Bridge is behind us ... Our final destination for day 1!

And, of course, we finally arrived at the bridge ... but didn't get a chance to cross it until day 2!

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