Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is it animal cruelty?

It's warm here in New York. Everyone was out ... runners, walkers, bikers ... it's beautiful! When I got to the pond, I saw something that disturbed me. A man was running with his dog. The dog (some kind of hound) was trailing behind on his leash and it was clear to me that he wanted to stop and "do his business." Mr. Runner wasn't going to let him interfere with his run and continued to pull him along. The poor pooch pooped his way around the pond. Mr. Runner never stopped ... never cleaned up the mess ... I was so angry.
Is this animal cruelty?
Just wondering.


  1. I would think so, too, or neglect at least.

    Even though I haven't been comment every day, I'm always checking your blog to see how you're doing and sending positive vibes!



  2. Anon ... thanks for visiting!!!! Maybe you would like to take a walk together some day.
    Trudy ... Thank you sooo much. I know you're there for me.
    Love you both ... R

  3. This would make Meowm very can people be so rude to their animals? Too bad the pooch didn't poop right on his owner.....but who knows what that would have gotten him.