Friday, April 17, 2009

Tom ... painter? yes! photographer? Not so much!

Tom, the painter, took this picture of me for my fundraising letter.
I didn't like the way my face looked ... so I did some editing.
(That's pretty funny that I would opt for my body over my face! Ha!)
I'll try again tomorrow.
Here's my suggested training schedule for this week:

Countdown: 24 Weeks
Tuesday--3 miles Easy walking
Thursday--3 miles Moderate walking
Friday--30 minutes Easy cross-training
Saturday--3 miles Easy walking
Sunday--3 miles Easy walking
I think I can do a little more than the suggested schedule, as my walks are 6+ miles.
I still don't have a cross-training plan.
I got as far as walking into the gym and looking around!
To all my Twitter and Facebook followers ... Thank you.
And to my loyal, from the beginning, readers... you're the best!

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