Saturday, April 11, 2009


I thought you might like to see some of the 3-day tents!
(Those who opt to sleep in a hotel miss out on all the fun!)
These pictures are from the Boston 3-day walk.
First, the "3-day Cafe"
I think this was a place to "take a load off" and relax on a comfy blow-up chair!
I can't remember exactly what was going on here. I think there was a lot of reading material to peruse!
It has been said that women like to shop.
There is shopping to do in a 3-day village.
You can find everything "3-day" at the General Store tent.
Ah ... the mess tent. This is where you can sit in a real folding chair and enjoy a nice meal. After dinner there is always entertainment.

Beth and I enjoyed the baked salmon this night.

You have seen the sleeping arrangements.
Tent for two anyone?
My 6-mile training walk is getting too easy. I think it's time to kick it up a notch and add on some miles. Tomorrow I'm walking with a friend for half the trip. I'm looking forward to that.
Today I walked in the rain.
I enjoyed it! 3-day suggests that we train in all kinds of weather. You never know what the weather will be in October!
I stopped by a gym on my way home.
I'm thinking I'll try the elliptical ... or even Zumba!
More later!

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