Friday, April 3, 2009

Mom's first steps ... step up to training

Well ... it has been some time since I've created a post.
You might know that my mom fell ... broke her hip ... had surgery ... has been in rehab ... and will be released next Wednesday.
It has been a whirlwind these past ten days.
I thought I would post a picture of Mom taking her first steps after the surgery.
She has been doing great.
Now that Mom is taking her steps back ...
it's time for me to do some real training.
The 24 week training schedule has begun, and I still don't have another activity.
I'm on vacation this week (with a quick trip to Florida to get Mom set up) so I'll try out a few options.
My starting point for my training walk is 6 miles. I can walk that pretty comfortably. Now I have to gradually increase that ... so I can work up to the 20 miles a day.
Here are training tips from 3-day:
*incorporate different types of terrain and weather conditions
*build endurance by fitting in small walks throughout the day (walk before work)
*take one day off per week to rest
*don't push yourself beyond your ability ... listen to your body
*do longer walks back-to-back
More on training tomorrow!

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