Monday, April 6, 2009

t-shirt and training walks

Jeter is inspecting my new SGK 3-day t-shirt!
I received it the other day.
Jeter says it's a good one. He can't wait to see me wear it!

I generally walk on my own, but training walks are great for learning how to pace yourself ... knowing when to stretch ... and meeting new people.
Beth met our team in New Jersey (Jersey Girls For Shore) on a training walk. I'll meet them all in San Francisco.
Beth and I did our training walks in Provincetown on the bike paths to the National Seashore. Here I am with the dunes and scrub pine.
See the smile on my face?
Beth and I almost never stopped laughing while walking the path.
Ah ... the beach looked so good on a hot day!

The hours of walking flew by.
(we did have a bit of an incident by the nude beach ... but that's another story! ha!)


  1. Meowm says "do tell about the incident by the nude beach".

  2. the incident at the nude beach: Beth decided to take a detour and she was on a mission ... she told me that I didn't have to follow ... but I couldn't resist. She didn't find what she was looking for ... but we did see some interesting sights. (wowzah!) We continued to walk on the sand to the marsh and on to the jettie. I guess you had to be there to feel the full effect of our walk on the beach. I was totally exhausted ... and I never laughed as much as I did that day.

  3. dat story abowt da nude beach wuz told to me by mi mom! harharhar!

  4. Great photo of you and Beth on a beach walk. (I just can't get over how very much you look like my good friend Heather!) Is Jeter leash trained? Maybe he could take you on walkabouts with him? ;)

    P.S. Glad to see that your mom is on the



  5. Glad your Mom is doing well. Good thing JH approved your shirt...Wlking on sand is hard anyway, don't know about with the extra 'stress' of the nude beach incident added in. I've got to try some walking myself this weekend, although I'm not anywhere near your level yet.