Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another 10 miles in Sands Point

It is a gorgeous day ... perfect weather for a walk.  So I did another respectable 10 miles in Sands Point.  I saw this little guy just sitting on the side of the road. He's a bit of a mess ... just waiting for someone to pick him up.  No ... I didn't.
But I did a deed.  I gave directions.
I saw this guy at the water.  Could he be one of the "Three Amigulls?"
Probably not.  He's a Sands Point Gull ... the others were Port Washington townie gulls.
My neighbor goes ALL OUT for Halloween. The house is decorated inside and out ... and he and his wife have the best "Party on the Hill" every year.  Here are some shots of his house:

 Finally ... something, as always, for my dear friend Sarge.
I love you sir ... and hope you're feeling better soon.
This is for you:


  1. Aw, the little stuffed panda is kinda sad...I wonder who lost him and misses him...

    And that fourth picture...I think I worked with her for a while in San Antonio. Or her twin...