Saturday, October 29, 2011

Atlanta 3-day: Day 1 (20 miles)

Ah ... Day 1 is always so exciting.
You get up before the sun is up (like 3:30 or something) and you dress in your finest 3-day gear and you wander downstairs (dragging your 35+ lb. duffle on wheels behind you) and suddenly you find yourself in a sea of pink and see the greatest get-ups you will find in one place! (someday I will wear a tu-tu and a tiara!)
You grab something to eat (usually included in the hotel bill ... this time NOT!) and then you wait for the bus to take you to Opening Ceremonies.
Opening Ceremonies this year were in the shadow of Stone Mountain.
It was chilly but we were excited ... and the warmth of the thousands of participants ... walkers and crew ... was enough for me!
One of the first things we do (after throwing our duffles on the truck to be transported to camp) is remember for whom we are walking.  As always ... I walk for Muriel, Cynthia, Phyllis, and Bee.  I have added Lisa to my list.  You might remember we lost Lisa 2 years ago to Leukemia.
Always emotional ... Opening Ceremonies is a time for us to honor the survivors.  This is the Survivors' Circle.  These are the heroes.
 You wipe your eyes ... and you're off!
We always start together ... then little groups walk together.
Sometimes we walk alone.
It's a time to reflect.
I met these three gals along the way ...
3 generations of walkers!
I love it!
The cheering stations in Atlanta were amazing.
I almost lost it when we came to the Stone Mountain cheering station.  To hear their cheers and read their signs made me walk just a little faster ... and helped me to forget that my feet were beginning to hurt ... just a little!
Although I was just fine with port-o-potties all day ...
it was very exciting to be camping indoors in Atlanta!  That meant flushing toilets!  What a thrill!  It also meant that we didn't have to drag our gear over grass ... we didn't have to find the heaters in the dining tent ... we could walk around in our pjs and feel warm!  Lesley and I found that Advil PM is a miracle ... and we quickly fell asleep in our pink tent ... ready to begin a new day and walk another 20 miles in the morning.
Always on the lookout for something to bring home to my dear friend Sarge, I decided on the following:
get a load of them balloons ... 'eh Sarge!


  1. I want ALL camps to be indoors from now on...

  2. holy crap, knockers up......... :)

  3. the black balloon ladies were the BEST!

  4. ...oh and please let me be there when you wear the tiara and tu-tu.. oh and make Karen wear them as well.