Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 2--Another 20 miles

Day two and we're off!
You know folks ... Atlanta is hilly ... not San Francisco hilly ... but l-o-n-g, let-me-tell-you-about-it hilly!  It seemed as if we were walking uphill all day long! But Atlanta has some really wonderful people to get a tired walker up those hills.  We all looked forward to seeing the 3-day Coffee Kids waiting with coffee and bread and just looking so adorable!
Day one had us walking through Stone Mountain and downtown Decatur.  Day two took us through Buckhead.  Boy howdy ... there are some beautiful homes in Buckhead!
Here's a shot of the port-o-potties.  Some were more "fragrant" than others ... but when you gotta go ... well ... you know the rest!
The kids were out in force all day!  They were almost always dressed in pink and they were adorable!  They "slapped  five" and cheered us every step of the way! (The little guy on the left doesn't look happy ... it's because his mama took him away from his job welcoming the walkers to pose for the picture!)
We walked past pink plumbing trucks ... and pink fire trucks ... but I think I liked these fellows at the car wash best!
Boy Howdy ... Atlanta knows how to do PINK!
Lesley picked up this guy by the car wash.
We arrived back at The Georgia World Congress Center after a long day of walking.
This was my 6th walk ... and I have to tell y'all ... there's nothing like camping indoors!  The shower trucks are still outside ... but indoor plumbing is AWESOME!  It's also comfortable to sleep indoors!
Here's Lesley in our 3-day accommodations!  The air mattresses worked just fine.
The Girl Scouts took very good care of us.  They should earn a couple of badges for their work in the "dining tent."
I think Night 2 was the dance party ... but I enjoyed wandering around, finding a place to charge batteries, and talking to people.  That's all part of the experience!
We were sore and tired, and our friend "Advil PM"  helped us get through the night.
After all the months of training, we were about to take our first steps on our last day.  
And for you Sarge ... 
I thought this was a little girl.
It wasn't?


  1. Go girl, nothing little about her........

  2. LOL I loved the boys in bras and the ones with giant balloon boobs. And the one boy in a pink t-shirt that said "Please find a cure so I never have to wear pink again!"

  3. hiya roberta, please give jeter a hug from ole' auntie bee...

    hugs, bee the loopy one