Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Dogs are Barking

Here we are ... Burt's Babes ... on our way to Inwood for lunch at Grandpa's Pizza.
Today's walk was a total of 21 miles.  
Honestly ... I feel fine ... just listening to my "dogs" barking!
Oh ... and my thighs are a tiny bit sore ... but that's because we really slammed the last 5 miles or so!
I am ready for the walk in Atlanta.
I can do 21 miles ... I can do 60 miles!
Now ... I'm going to bed.  Gotta quiet down those doggies!


  1. I find that if you turn a hose on a barking dog, he quiets down ;)

    Or booze. Booze works, too...

  2. oh my goodness. rest honey!

    hugs, bee