Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 3 ... and a New Journey Begins!

We awoke Sunday after a restful sleep for me ... not so much for Paula in the next tent (I guess I snore) ... and gathered as team Pink Slips for our last day.  We were all very excited that we had accomplished two amazing days so far.  We were anxious to get the show on the road as Closing Ceremonies were near!
 I saw this sign as we left camp. 
I think it says it all for me.
I am "lucky" that I can walk and that, with your help, was able to raise $3,500 this time around.
Atlanta is great.  I especially liked the reflection of the building in the glass building behind it.  Can you see it?
The 3-day Coffee Kids were out in force again on Sunday.  This group was terrific and will be one of the great memories I will have of the Atlanta 3-day.  They had this amazing bread that they offered with butter and honey.  
Did I mention it was amazing?
Thank you Coffee Kids!
I was moved when we walked past the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial and past the Ebenezer Baptist Church.  We had just enough time to walk in and view the tomb and eternal flame.
Throughout the three days spent walking through Atlanta I was moved by the wonderful support we were given.  The cheering stations were fantastic!  It was an emotional walk to say the least!
Thank you Atlanta!
Just before we walked into "holding" a small group of Pink Slips gathered to toast our accomplishment!
Other walkers were in the bar and, as each group walked in, we cheered for one another!
It was a great moment of camaraderie!
(and Atlanta has some mighty fine home brew!)
Holding is where all the walkers and crew gather just before Closing Ceremonies.
Walking in to Turner Field was really special for this walker!
Before we were officially welcomed by thousands of walkers and crew ... we hammed it up in front of the day 3 banner.
Another 60 miles in the books!
Before receiving the 3-day shirt and a rose ... walkers complete this part of the journey by making their way down a path flanked on both sides by fellow walkers and crew.  The cheers and high fives make you feel so much a part of a spectacular community!
Turner Field is just a bit smaller than Yankee Stadium.
I loved it!
Team Pink Slips gathered one last time as we locked arms.  We marched with all the walkers ... all the crew ... our 3-day family ... to Closing Ceremonies.
Lesley wore a pink shirt and walked with the survivors.
The heroes.
Survivors Circle ... 
Walkers salute is a sneaker in the air!
And so, dear friends, Bee and Sarge and Thumper and those of you who read my blog but don't often comment (!)  thank you for joining me again this year.
Your support means so much to me.
You have made a difference!
Sarge ... this last picture is for you!
Whaddya think?


  1. holy moley, look at them hooters........

  2. this post made me cry, what a wonderful experience! and yes, atlanta is wonderful, well some of it anyway! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  3. I can't wait to walk a 3day with you! The other Babe Shutterbug

  4. Hey, I'm hearing from this weekend's walkers that Dallas is FLAT! You're gonna have it easy next year!