Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Get a load of this ... (because it won't last long!)
Top fundraiser on team Burt's Babe:  Roberta Harris
Tenth place in top fundraising teams in Dallas 2012:  Burt's Babes!
Now the top fundraiser on our team won't last long because once Burt sends out his first letter he will jump ahead. (He's pretty amazing ... he walks 2 events and is always among the top 5!)
As far as the top team ... who knows what can happen in the next 360+ days!
Perhaps we'll move up to the top 5 ... or even higher!
Here's something new!  I am a member of the Commitment Club.
Commitment Club

Here's what the Commitment Club is all about:

There are two ways to qualify:
  1. Raise $5,000 or more for the 2012 3-Day season.
  2. Participate as a walker who raises $2,300 or more each year for three or more years, including the 2012 3-Day season.
Commitment Club perks:
  • Designated phone number and email address to your 3-Day® coaches through the Commitment Club Help Desk
  • Free on-event towel service
  • Recognition on the 3-Day website
  • Recognition at the 3-Day camp show
  • Commitment Club badge on your personal fundraising page and event credential
Well now ... the MOST exciting perk is the free on-event towel service.  We have to pay for those towels, you know!
I went to the link and found my name listed with hundreds (and maybe more) of other names.  That's impressive when you multiply that by (minimum) $2300 for breast cancer research... just as a start!
OK ... drumroll please:
I lost another 1.2 pounds this week.  The total in two weeks is:
4.8 pounds!
Boy Howdy ... this is NOT moving along as fast as it did when I was in my (ehem) 30s ...
But ... I WILL carry on!
As a Weight Watcher would say "It's better to lose 4.8 than to gain it!"


  1. well that's good news on both counts! woo hoo!

    smiles, bee

  2. 4.8! Nice! I haven't weighed myself this week, but I may have found those pounds for you...

    I admit to mixed feeling about the Commitment Club...I get why they're doing it, but unless they change the terms for being in it and include crew members who work their asses off even without the fundraising, I don't think I'll be all that thrilled when I hit the criteria for it. Crew should not have to raise $5000 to be recognized, ya know?

    Free towel service is nice; crew recognition is better. It may become a soapbox issue for me...

  3. Concatulations!!!!! You could just be like us cats...we don't need towels. ;)

  4. Congratulations on being in the Commitment Club! So proud that you are walking again in 2012! I never thought I'd do another walk, but I'm heading to San Diego next year!