Friday, November 18, 2011

Why We Walk

When one of Burt's Babes returned from the Boston walk in July, she emailed this picture of a little girl seen on the route at a cheering station.
The title of her email was "Why We Walk."
The picture was moving enough ...
Yesterday she emailed a link to YouTube via Facebook that featured a video submitted by another walker who saw this little girl.

Hopefully you will get to the video if you click on the link above.
It IS ... why we walk.


  1. Man...I hadn't seen that video. Jim's tent was right across from mine in Atlanta and I got to talk with him for a while--he's as nice as he is dedicated to the effort. I'd seen the picture before, even had it on my blog, before I knew the story...hell, before he found out who she was. But the whole providence. That he snapped that photo and shared it, and it kept a whole bunch of people on their feet and moving forward, and then everything in SF happened and he learned her story... I don't think it was an accident that he happened to be in that place at the moment he needed to be to take that picture, just sayin'...

    Don't know if you know, but Jim's dad died last week during the AZ 3 Day...and he's still walking in San Diego. He's just as amazing at that little girl...

  2. hey, do you know you made an old man cry, you guys are all heroes.

  3. I met Jim in Tampa, got his story and e-mailed Monica, who sent us the pic. Jim got on a blog mission to learn about ZOEY and happened upon one of her babysitters during SanF 3day! He is now helping out Zoey and her sisters.