Sunday, November 6, 2011

Here I Go Again!

When Lesley and I saw this sign held by a lovely woman in Atlanta, who is finishing her Dallas 3-day walk today, we just had to take a picture!
Our next journey will be to Dallas ... in just under a year!
We will be team BURT'S BABES!
We will be walking in honor of Burt Lipshie, our New York training leader, who walks in Dallas every year for his cousin ... who did not survive breast cancer.
 This will be a really special walk because we will train TOGETHER and walk 60 miles side-by-side!
Here's Bert (me) and Burt, side by side before a training walk.
 My NEW 3-day page posted the following this morning:

363 days until the event!
Participant ID: 3038281
 Registered as a: Walker
The minimum fundraising goal for a walker is $2300.
Fundraising for me is always the scariest part.  
I HATE rejection and I worry "what if they say 'no'?" 
So, sometimes, I don't even ask!
  This year I raised $3500... and that's GREAT!
  This time I am aiming HIGH!
My  personal goal is $5000.
Whaddya think?


  1. you have SO much energy girl!

    love you!

    smiles, bee

  2. I have a bazillion fundraising ideas! We must start with the step by step project!