Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving ... I Am Thankful For ...

I woke up early to walk to the Port Washington Thanksgiving Day Run.  I arrived at the parking lot where Joan and I had decided to meet ... and I waited and waited.  No Joan!  Just before 8:30 the runners/walkers made their way to the starting line.  I was carried by the crowd but moved to the side to get a better view ... still no Joan!  I fell behind and waited for the last group of walkers ... no Joan.  So I started walking my first Thanksgiving race solo. It wasn't a race for me so I treated it like a nice training walk on a beautiful day.  I passed some people I know and asked if they had seen Joan.  They said "Yes!  She passed us a while ago." So ... the stroll turned into a fast walk.  Finally, after marker 2.5, I caught up with my buddy and finished the five miles in 1 hour 26 minutes. 
NEXT YEAR I WILL TREAT THIS LIKE A RACE! A walker race, that is.  I just checked the results and I came in 13th in my division.  (Don't ask my age!)  Not great since it was 13th out of 14!  Joan came in 2nd in her division!!! ( 2nd out of 2!)  
OK ... so we weren't the fastest but we finished and we had a lot of fun!
I am thankful that my family and my friends were able to partake in a delicious and bountiful meal yesterday.  I don't take that for granted!
In 2010, 17.2 million households were food insecure.  In 2010, children were food insecure in 9.8% of households.  Food insecure. I am sure that some children in my school, in the "middle to upper income" community in which I teach, are food insecure.
It's something to think about.
I hope your Thanksgiving was beautiful and bountiful.

Click here to see what the Harry Chapin Foundation does to help.
And click here to learn more about "Why Hunger"


  1. The 12 ahead of you probably took a sweep ;)

    +5 for doing the walk! There was one here but I didn't hear about it until after it was already underway...maybe next year. We'll still donate to the cause, but the walk would have been fun. Just to get the t-shirt ;)

  2. I like to gobble when I walk.