Monday, February 9, 2009

235 Days!

Boston Sweep Van baby! Not everyone was in the fantastic physical shape (yikes!) I was in ... so, for those who couldn't walk the entire distance, there were sweep vans. "The Best Pick-up Ever!"

I just checked and there are 235 days until the walk! 235 days to train ... fundraise ... read my manual another 235 times ... and get even more excited about doing the 3-day in San Francisco!

I actually walked outside yesterday. I have been sick for a few days so I didn't walk too far ... but it sure was great to get outside! Next week is our February break so I'm hoping to have 9 straight days of walking ... and I hope I can do more than just a few miles!

I'M DOING IT FOR YOU LADIES! (You too, Kiera. And Kiera ... $.35 is a lot of money! I'm proud of you!)

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