Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweep Me Up!

Here's another "sweep van" from the Boston 3-day.
"Spa Van?" Har!

The sign made us smile ...
and that was FREE!!
I'm trying to do more hills while walking. Ronnie, who rides his bike around town, pointed out the best hills. He forgets that I've trained here a few times already!
When I go out later I'll take pictures for tomorrow.
Thank you Allison for visiting.
Ladies ... Allison has a wonderful blog ... please take a look!
As always ... thank you for supporting me!
I don't know who "dizzastardly" is ... but he/she left a link to some pretty fancy shower vans!

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  1. I like baths . . . and I think I would like mud cuz I like to squish stuff in my hands and mommy said mud was squishy. So, I think I would like a mud bath. Thanks. Bye.