Friday, February 20, 2009

the hills of Long Island!

I finally went to see MILK last night. It was a great film and Sean Penn was amazing. While I thoroughly enjoyed it ... I couldn't help focusing on the hills of San Francisco.
Here are a few shots of the hills of PoWa ... my route ...
Now ... this doesn't look like much of an incline, but it is ... at least it feels like it is!

a little steeper incline here ... but not as long as the first one.

Sometimes walking down a steep hill is just as hard as climbing up one!

Why does this look so wimpy when I'm always out of breath at the top?


  1. Um, . . . da hills of SF make those look purdy flat. Keep up da training.

    P.S. How come we never sees a Long Guy in yer Land?

  2. Dear Jeter's Mom,

    Um , yeah ... We have to agree with Kimo and Sabi. SF hills are world class. But your neighborhood looks a very nice place to live, even if the hills are "gentle."

    Good luck on your training...

    'Kaika and Tanith