Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Anybody know what these are?

Now I know that there are visitors ... (unless I have looked at this blog a couple o' hundred times myself)
So ... if you're visiting ... please leave a guess as to what this is a picture of.
It's from the Boston 3-day.


  1. I know what they are.....but I'm not telling! Somebody else has to guess.

    CHALLENGE!! I'll donate 50 cents for every guess!

    Let's go, lurkers - delurk and make your guess and help raise some more money!


  2. OK, then, Nora ... I guess portable showers.

    Hi Roberta, even though I don't comment everyday, I'm visiting you here and at Jeter's blog! Great Westminster photos, by the way. Hope Jeter is hanging out at home these days ...



  3. i think they are the bathrooms. i saw some like this at an antique fair once...

    smiles, bee

  4. I know! If I peed my pants in excitement, then that is where you could take me to rinse me off!

    P.S. - It is no longer my uncle's birthday - but we have a family tradition of celebrating for a whole week!

    P.S.S. Today I got a package . . . but my mommy won't let me open in yet and says I have to wait until Valentine's Day. That's not fair . . . cuz I saw that she already peeked!

  5. Auntie Berta - please tell my mommy I should be able to open my package - after all It's my 14 month birthday on Friday!

    P.S. again - I found a nickel today. That's means I now have a nickel more that I did the other day. I hope you are adding it all up cuz I have already lost track. Bye.

  6. $1.50 ... WOW!!!!! You're off the hook Nora ... I'll take care of the buck fifty!
    Love you all ... R

  7. I opened my gift - I LOVE it! Come see, come see . . .

  8. Dear MODB (mother of a different brudder) - Fanks fer makin' da blurps V-Day! Don't fergit to visit MOmmakitty's blog - she gotted a special V-Day gift too. Make sure you do not have any liquids in yer mouth.