Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lucky Penny!

Look what I found on my walk today.
A heads-up lucky penny.
I'm going to save it to give to you, Kiera, when I meet you in October.

The training is going well Trudy. I walked every day while on vacation ... and today I walked for two hours ... and found some new hills to climb! (I know ... Long Island hills are wimpy!) I'm leaving the car keys at home when I can and relying on the size 8s instead.
I have to find some other kind of training ... any suggestions for a non-athlete?
(Stay tuned for a post on petroleum jelly!!!)


  1. Yay, you! Lucky penny, long walk, new hills. That's awesome! Since I was injured in 2007 and had to adjust the way I move through life, I find using one of those big balance balls and these DVDs are a great way to keep in shape at home on the days I don't go to the gym or am short on time... and

  2. Roberta,

    In my book, no hill is wimpy! I have no advice re other training, but it sounds like you're training for endurance, which sounds smart to this non-athlete!



  3. WOWY - you found some lucky money! I hope that will bring you good luck during your training and then for your trip out here. I am still feeling a little icky - but just a little. I think I gave my icky to my daddy and mommy cuz they are feeling a little icky too. I haven't learned to cover my mouth when I cough - hehehe.