Saturday, February 7, 2009


Our team in Boston

"please tell us about how you do your fundraising"

Well Nora ... that's a great question!

On page 11 of my "Walker Handbook" it says: The golden rule of fundraising is: You raise money when you ask for it.

The three building blocks:

1-Fundraising letter; 2-personal webpage; 3-fundraising party or event

As you know (and have generously responded to my first step in fundraising) I set up this blog. Jeter's blog has a link ... my Facebook page has a link ... Kimo and Sabi have a link ... and little Kiera has a link. There is a link (as you know) to the SGK blog that I set up, as well. This is only the first step and I so appreciate your response to it.

I wrote a personal letter for the last 3 walks. I'm waiting for Debra to come home for a visit so we can have a picture taken together for this walk. (The picture I used for my first letter is on this blog. It's the one of me with my two girls.) SGK provides templates for brochures that can be personalized. I actually printed some copies of the brochure. It was costly, so I only printed 25. I also printed a "calling card" with the link to my donor page. I'll start giving them to the teachers this week.

I had a cocktail party to raise funds for my last walk. Beth's husband Christian is a musician and he offered to entertain my guests. That night I raised the most money for SGK.

The fundraising part is difficult for me. I just have to follow the golden rule!!

Thanks for asking Nora... and thanks for visiting my blog.
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  1. you'll get there, that would be hard for me too...

    smiles, bee

  2. Auntie Berta - my brothers are teaching me ALL about fundraising. First, you look all around the house for coins (and bottle caps). Sometimes you find them under the couch, on daddy's desk, by the clothes washer, and on the counters. Then you put them in a jar, and in no time at all (or about a year) you will have some loot. Easy peasy. I am going to do some fundraising at my house for you. My mommy said she might even give me ad advance so that I can get you your funds in time for your big boobie party. Bye.

  3. Loved Kiera's comment!

    Thank you for walking, Roberta.

    Jennifer (of the Cyclone Cats!)

  4. I have .35 cents so far - is that close to 2000? I'm not really good at math yet (and mommy TOTALLY is not good at math). Good thing I'm gonna get an advance on my fundraising.

  5. Important things usually are not easy, and what you are doing is so important. But you will get there this time as you have in the past. Roberta, thank you for doing this on behalf of all of us.



  6. Great job, Roberta! Kiera has a great idea, and Jazzy and the boys are going to see what they can find to help too.

    Keep up the great work!!!