Saturday, July 18, 2009

The 60 Mile Men are awesome! Click and take a visit! You'll be glad you did! (And there IS a calendar!)
Here is a post written by Mr. May about his walk in San Francisco.

September 14, 2008
From Mr. May in San Francisco
Congrats to Mr. April and Mr. May, both of whom completed the San Francisco 3-Day, bringing the 3-Day back to northern California, and introducing San Franscisco to the 60-Mile Men.
In the words of Mr. May 2009, Robert:

I enjoyed every minute of the walk. Our camp was right near the Golden Gate Bridge and what a sight to see when you wake up and when you go to sleep. For me I was overwhelmed once again with the one of the best times in my life. For me it could not have gotten any better. I got to see some spectacular sights, have some wonderful conversations, meet some very nice people. I met up with Mr April Thursday night at the hotel and then again Saturday evening at dinner. We took a moment to capture a picture of the two of us.

I received so many compliments on the walk about the calendar. I was referred to all weekend as Mr May. Even as I walked into the finish line all the spectators were congratulating Mr May for walking and supporting Breast Cancer. When some of the walkers got a chance to see the calendar immediately there were giggles, oohs and ahhs. First I would show them Barry's picture and they would laugh at his cute tush and then onto my picture and they would say very nice Mr May.

I am honored to be a part of 60 Mile Men and honor all the men who took the time to shed their clothes and help raise money for such a worthy cause. As for myself this is just the start, I plan on walking at least one walk each year. Next year it is on to Seattle. All I know is that I am ready for the challenge and welcome it.


  1. gosh you could walk from my house to your mom's! wow. amazing...

    smiles, bee

  2. holy crap, that's a lot, i got to go tell jeter