Friday, July 10, 2009

What I'll be doing next week

12 weeks?
doesn't sound like a lot does it ...
here's my training schedule for next week:

Countdown: 12 Weeks
Your Training Schedule for This Week:
Tuesday-4 miles (Easy walking)
Wednesday-30 minutes-Moderate cross-training
Thursday-5 miles (Moderate walking)
Friday-45 minutes-Easy cross-training
Saturday-12 miles (Easy walking)
Sunday-7 miles (Easy walking)
Next week I'm going to stick to the schedule ... nothing more and nothing less.
This can be done!
The weather in New York is perfect for walking ... 60's-70's ... very different from Florida, which is still in the 90's. I hardly work up a sweat here!
(watch ... next week we'll have a heat wave!)
I know I'm not supposed to listen to my iPod while walking ... but I could walk a million miles with Bruce serenading me!

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  1. this is a joke right? right? right? ha ha ha seriously, you go girl!

    smiles, bee