Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Walking in the Funshine State

This is not a great picture because I was shooting into the sun (duhr!) but you can almost feel how hot it is just by looking at it!
Walked for a few hours this morning.
It is HOT!
It's time for new shoes!
That will be the FIRST thing I do when I get home.
I was telling Mom about the closing ceremonies and I choked up. I haven't posted pictures of that part of the walk ... wanted to leave that for just before San Francisco. It's an extrememly emotional time.
Took Mom to the hematologist yesterday. She got a great report!
Knock wood!


  1. well i can personally vouch for the heat but i do love it. and i am so happy for her medical report! see you tomorrow!

    smiles, bee

  2. I crewed in SF last year and it was 20 above normal temps on Days 1 and 2. Good thing you're training in the heat. I'm in Texas in heat and humidity training for San Diego. Keep hydrated!

  3. roberta your page rank on this blog and jeter's are both a three so i would submit either to that site we talked about, i think they'd be fine!

  4. Breakfast was my pleasure, you have a wonderful mother, solie is a treasure, and you, what can I say, you are jeters mom.