Friday, July 17, 2009

That girl wearing heels

I wrote this on my 3-day blog ... but nobody reads it (!) and a few of you do read this blog ... so here it is ... a repeat.
I was walking at, what I thought, was a nice clip yesterday. I was about 5 miles into my walk when I could feel someone coming up behind me. It was a girl carrying a bag ... wearing a purse over her shoulder ... and walking in heels (ok ... they weren't stilettos ... but they weren't New Balance size 8s.) I was horrified to be overtaken like this for about a minute. Then I thought about the girl who must have been 1/3 my age ... and weighed considerably less than I do. I watched her walk ahead of me wondering if I was able to do that once upon a time!
Here's the thing. I walked an additional mile or two ... and thought how it's not how fast I'm walking ... it's how far I'm walking ... and why I'm doing this.
I took my walk today for that girl wearing heels who zoomed past me yesterday.
I walk for her ... for you ... for us.

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