Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beth ... my walk-mate

You will be seeing many pictures of my friend Beth throughout this blogging journey.
(Here we are at a quick stop on our first walk.)
She and I have done 3 walks together since 2000.
You know ... she looks great with horns, braids, and an orange in her mouth.
(remind me to find someone else to pose with!)

I don't think Beth will mind if I grab a little something from her SGK 3-day blog ...

"This will be my TENTH year and my TENTH walk! My tenth year of blisters. My tenth year of showering in a truck and going without a hair dryer for three days! But it won't be my tenth year of sleeping in a tent with a tent mate who snores."

Impressive isn't it? Beth has not only walked 9 times ... she has raised more than $3000 each time.

This year Beth will be walking with her 22 year old daughter Faye ... and I will be walking with Faye's friend, Debra, my (almost) 22 year old daughter.
I don't think Debra snores ... I don't know about Faye ...

wait a minute! I've been Beth's tent mate 3 times. I DON'T SNORE! much.


  1. I gotta say, the orange slices are a nice touch! It's great that yours will be a tent of friends -- two generations -- and a special time for the four of you to share.

    I was curious, Roberta ... I would imagine that every participant has clothes and stuff she must take along on the walk. Do you each have to carry your backpacks or whatever on the walk? What are the logistics of the camping, etc? Inquiring minds want to know...


  2. Ah ... I feel a blog entry coming!!!!
    Thank you for always reading my blog. You're the best Trudy!

  3. I don't like oranges or horns. I like your glasses. My daddy snores. Bye.