Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tiara wearing beauty

Walker? Crew?
Auntie Bee should get a load of this tiara wearing beauty.
Yes Trudy ... we laughed our way through 60 miles!

This was the Boston walk ... why can't I find pictures of the second New York walk?
I received a donation from someone named "Jana"
I don't know who Jana is ... but I'm very grateful!
ps ... nobody has asked about the "facilities" yet ... If you "biggify" the picture you will see the lines waiting to use the porta-potties.


  1. Hi Roberta!

    I think it's wonderful that the walks seem to have a "Doo Dah" element to them.

    In the background of one of your previous posts, I noticed the wall of porta-potties. So here comes another question: Are there restroom and watering/Gatorade stations along the route each day? Certainly there must be! And where do the lunches come from? How many hours a day do you walk? Inquiring minds etc...