Thursday, January 29, 2009

You gotta eat!

My friend Trudy asks:
"In the background of one of your previous posts, I noticed the wall of porta-potties. So here comes another question: Are there restroom and watering/Gatorade stations along the route each day? Certainly there must be! And where do the lunches come from? How many hours a day do you walk? Inquiring minds etc..."

Well Trudy ... here are a few pictures for you to look at.

The first picture is from our first "Avon 3-day" walk. This is what a "watering and snack station" looked like. (Biggify to see the snacks.) These stations popped up every several miles ... some stations were bigger and more elaborate than others. The oranges were the most delicious things I had ever tasted!!!! (Can you see the porta potties in the background? They were always there!!!)

You can't spend too long at a rest station because there is lots of walking to do. We started walking at sunrise and had to reach "camp" before sunset. It's not a race ... more endurance than racing ... but we always wanted to know what number we were when arriving at camp!

Lunch was provided along the way ... but breakfast and dinner were served under the "big top," as shown in the next picture. This picture was taken on the Boston "Susan G. Komen 3-day" walk.

How long do we walk each day? Well ... we have to walk about 20 miles give or take ... and figure a 15-17 minute mile with occasional stops. That's a whole day of walking. Our poor feet! There are medical tents for blisters and other maladies ... and there are volunteers available for massages!!!! (I never took advantage of that!)

Thank you for your questions Trudy. And, as always, thanks for being such a wonderful blogger friend.

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  1. Wow! I've been involved in stationary festivals, but this is a movable feast! My admiration for all involved has just increased exponentially.

    Thanks again, Roberta, for satisfying my curiosity... and this year, take advantage of the massages!!!



  2. We did not see any Temptations on that food table.

  3. a tiara!!! woo hoo!

    smiles, auntie bee