Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Kiera

Dear Kiera,
I thought you would like to see some funny hats and some funny faces.
These pictures were taken on your Auntie Berta's first walk.
Don't these people look funny?!
Auntie Berta is standing next to that silly man wearing wings.
He was riding a bicycle the whole way ... all 60 miles ... just cheering us walkers on.
He was great!

Look at this silly lady wearing a funny face ... (I think it's just a mask, Kiera!)
She had fun things for us to wear in her bag!
These people are called "crew" and they were the nicest and most fun people on the long walk.
Breast cancer is a very bad thing.
I'm going to walk near where you live in October.
I'm walking so you ... and your mommy ... and everyone we know ... will never have to worry about breast cancer ever again!
Love--Auntie Berta


  1. These are some wonderful pictures, Roberta! The walks are truly celebrations, aren't they? What a wonderful thing it would be if the only things Kiera and all our babies and grandbabies will ever know about breast cancer is what they might read about it in books.



  2. Hi Auntie Berta! Thanks for writing me such a cool letter - It is my first letter ever! I can't wait to see you in October - I will be able to show you how good I can walk too! And I will wear pink, cuz that's the special color for your walk. I think tomorrow I will let the whole world know you wrote me a letter! Gotta go take a nap now - bye.

  3. Kiera has her Wednesday post up - it's all about you (and her pink shoes). And, "Auntie Berta" - don't EVEN think about getting her a pony.