Monday, January 26, 2009

Question and Answer

Ah ... how do we get our gear to where we're going?!

This walk is so well organized. There are trucks for everything!
These are the trucks that carried our gear to the spot where we stayed each the night on the Boston walk. We packed in duffles on wheels.
We packed our clothes for each day in a separate ziploc bag so we didn't have to go hunting for clothes. We also packed our toiletries in ziplocs so we could
carry them to the shower trucks (more about that later!)

I guess we were truck D! There are walkers and there are crew on the 3-day. The walkers walk ... and walk ... and walk ... but the crew WORKS HARD!!!
Look in the back of this truck ... you'll see the tents. Everything is in that blue bag to set up the tent. And the best part is ... there's always a wonderful crew member to help you set up ("help" ... we do the work!!!)

And here's home!

Walkers decorate their tents ... we displayed a picture of us taken during that first summer of training ... and a sign prohibiting whining.
Everything in the tent was packed in our duffle.

So there you have it Trudy! Thank you for asking ... and for being by my side during this journey!


  1. I figured there was a lot going on behind the scenes in an undertaking such as this. Thank you, Roberta, now it all makes sense to me how you wonderful, strong women have the strength to pursue your goal of 60 miles in 3 days. It takes a village to raise a walkathon... I look forward to following along wherever this journey leads you all.



  2. ... and I look forward to your comment every day!
    Love ... R