Monday, January 19, 2009

Walk back in time

Thank you for coming to visit from the cat blogosphere. I hope that you'll continue to "walk with me" on my j2sf!
I have been taking a walk back in time, looking at photos from my first walk in 2000. It was from Bear Mountain-New York to New York City. We made our way through New Jersey for part of the walk.
That first walk was sponsored by Avon. It was an amazing experience.
Here I am on "day zero" with a woman named Tara who I met on the bus from the City to Bear Mountain. Tara is a survivor from Texas.
These banners were set up for us to write on. I dedicated my journey to Cynthia ... my childhood friend ... a 3 time survivor.
Thousands of women and men started day-one with us.
These are three friends from our team.
Queen was on the i-Pod this morning ... "Don't stop me now ... 'cuz I'm havin a good time ..."


  1. Where's the link to your donation page?! Don't for get that. Can't wait to see you in October!

    P.S. - SF walk won't be as flat as NY ;)

  2. Hi Roberta,

    We are just checking in with you on one more day of your journey and sending good wishes and good vibes!

    Trudy and 'Kaika

  3. a three time survivor? oh my, i can't even imagine! bless her! i am only a one time survivor (so far) and hope it stays that way... now where IS that donation page?

    smiles, bee