Saturday, May 22, 2010

converting--7.92 km

No Sarge.  I'm not converting to "Republicman."
I have a new pedometer and I'm converting from km to miles ...
I had to google a km to m calculator.
So this is what I got ...
I don't like it.
I'm sure I walked farther than that based on the time I've been out walking (two hours ... and, at 3 miles per hour ... I read that as at least 6 miles.)
I'm taking my car out to clock this one.
I also googled GOUT.
Yep ... I've got that.


  1. you've got gout and you are walking??? nooooooo..... rest that foot honey. and get it well. gout is like broken glass in a joint. so painful. when sarge gets it he can't walk at all. poor thing.

    hugs, bee

  2. Yeah ... it hurts ... but not that bad. Just annoying. Changed the pedometer to miles and it says "5.02" but I still don't believe that. I walked too long!

  3. Another reason to invest in GPS....accuracy :)

    You probably did walk 6 miles, but most pedometers miss every third step it seems. At least you can tell yourself that ;)

  4. You must be embarassed by obama by now. Go to a doctor, there us a medication for Gout, I have had it several times, pain..........

    I want to get those blogger boobies walking, I like the bounce.

  5. Have you checked out or Both programs allow you to map your walks using Google Maps so that you can get a decent idea of the actual mileage without having to go out and drive it. Plus, they're both free to use, unlike buying a personal GPS. If you are looking to better gauge how far you're walking, I highly recommend both programs!

    ~ Kristen