Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday--7.33 miles

I'm a picture-taking-fiend on my walks.  I had a few shots of pretty flowers I could have chosen.  I'm glad I chose this one. 
So I walked through Sands Point, which is a favorite route for me.  The whole village smelled like peat moss!!!  The gardeners were out in force!

This is one of my favorite streets in Sands Point.  I think it's called Plum Beach.  Can't see the houses from the street as they're behind gates.
The street is lined with such lovely trees.
Do you know what they are?
This new friend came running from her house and walked by my side for some time.  I tried to get her to go back.  I guess the Invisible Fence wasn't working!
I took the pedometer along for the walk ... what the heck.  I just had to do the math.
7.33 miles.
Bee ... tell Sarge I walked for him today!


  1. i will tell him in the morning honey, he had a bad evening i'm afraid. he'll be better in the morning they told me.

    bless his heart.

    hugs, bee