Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday--Rest Day

Today is a "rest" day ... so ... I'll do that. 
My feet feel fine and I'm doing great.
The thermometer is for our Team Progress.
If you want to see each individual walker ... click on the picture of Karen and me and take a look.
'Chelle ... will you be joining Blogger Babes?
Sarge ... repeat after me ... "boobies."


  1. "boobies." "boobies.""boobies.""boobies.""boobies.""boobies.""boobies.""boobies.""boobies."

    did you see my post yesterday?

  2. I was thinking ... chocolate chip mandle brot (delicious ... like biscotti) or raisin/almond mandle brot (my favorite) or maybe lindser tarts ... or ... or ... I'm a good baker ... it could be anything.

  3. We totally are! I just have to call Komen to move my cousin and I over to the team. It's kinda fun to go from one to 6 people in a month!

  4. I guess it's sort of like having quintuplets.
    One day it's just you ... the next day another five kids come along.
    I guess.