Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday walk without Joan--7.5 miles

I know ... I had a peony up already ... but this lady's peonies are so beautiful I had to take a picture.
Speaking of taking pictures ... I had my camera out and took pictures throughout my walk today.  Wanted to take you on my route with me.  When I looked at them I was kinda bored.  Just a lot of road shots!  I will show you this one though...

The ducks and geese are out, and I'm maneuvering through the poop.
Now I just wrote "poop" on a piece of paper and when I turned it around it said "dood" and that should please Thumper ... but if you're dyslexic ... and you reverse your "b"s ... it says "boob" and that should please Sarge.
I'm all about pleasing people!
(I think I'm going to be doing something later to please you, Bee!)
Stupid pedometer said "5.63"  So I did the math ... divide by 3 and add to 5.63 ... which gives me a headache and "7.50" which is what I think I walked.  I did google GPS yesterday and I might just make the investment.  The lowest price was about $140.  I told Ronnie he could have it after the walk.
I'm not complaining about the gout ... but I'm going to call the doctor and ask for a prescription.  I just didn't want to have to take medication for the rest of my l-i-f-e!  To make matters worse, I have a bunion on that foot.  Man ... it stinks getting old!
Before I leave you for today ...
here's a friend I see on this route every time I take it ...

He/she is always tied up at the door, which makes me a little sad.
He/she has a white cat who sometimes sits at the window.
I like this pooch.
ps--Joan didn't walk today because her family made her an 80th birthday party last night.
Happy Birthday Joan!


  1. holy crap, you can take poop and turn it into boob, you got talent girl.

    I have a medication that I take daily to prevent gout, the one I told you about you take when you have a flair up. When I started chemo they doubled my daily medication because cancer cells are attracted by gout.

  2. why do people get dogs if they are just going to tie them to the door? that made want to sit down and bawl like a baby. buggers!

    smiles, bee

  3. Those peonies are lovely! I've been using MapMyRun on my iPhone. It tracks my walks using the GPS in my phone. I love it!

  4. That woofie needs to go on walks with you!